To Add or to Drop? Four Waiver Wire Bargains and How to Decide When to Drop a Draft Pick

Today marks the midway point of the third week of this young fantasy baseball season. How's your team doing? Are you freaking out yet? You shouldn't be. Unless it's a happy freak-out. Still, it can be hard to see your team start in the loss column. It's hard to see a bunch of DL10's next to... Continue Reading →


Prospects and Pitchers: The Inaugural Edition

Some of you may remember Adi and his contributions he made to Baseball and Brews last season, and I'm please to now introduce him as a permanent staff writer for Baseball and Brews. Part of Adi's contribution moving forward will be a weekly Friday piece on Prospects and Pitchers to help everyone keep an eye on... Continue Reading →

Baseball & Brews’s (insert adjective here) Superlative Predictions for 2018

Not another one of these prediction posts! Well, kinda. But this one focuses a little more on the fun and the wonky rather than just the usual stuff. Bold? Silly? Terrible? Moderately-accurate? Statistically irrelevant? Statistically irreverent? My (insert adjective here) predictions for the 2018 MLB season are here, and these hot takes will, if nothing else, give you something to read on the toilet at work. You're welcome.

Drafting for Dummies (Pt. 1)

Part One of Drafting for Dummies: covering the importance of league settings and scoring and how to use that information to your benefit. This is helpful for both newer managers as well as experienced owners shaking off a bit of rust. As always, we also review a craft beer, this week it's an IPA from Founders!

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