Buy or Sell, Add or Drop: Hot Takes and Analysis after the Trade Deadline

The 2017 season continues to chug along and the finish line is juuuust about visible on the horizon. We're two weeks removed from the All-Star Break, the MLB trade deadline was yesterday (some exceptions apply), and every team in baseball is over the 100-games-played mark. So how's your fantasy season going? Doing well? Not-so-great? Whether... Continue Reading →


Slumping Studs: Why They Suck, and Who Will and Won’t Turn it Around (Part 4)

It's time for another edition of Slumping Studs, and this week Baseball and Brews is diving into the numbers behind three stars who are failing to meet expectations: Josh Donaldson, Trevor Story, and Christian Yelich. I'll diagnose what's wrong with each hitter and provide a prognosis for their performance for the remainder of the season so... Continue Reading →

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